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[S6E8] A Murder Is Forever

The series is based on mystery-thriller writer Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion), who is called in to help investigate a series of copycat murders based on his books. After completing the job, he finds that he enjoys the experience enough to continue it. Pulling strings, he arranges to accompany NYPD Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic), claiming he wants to study and use her as a personality basis for his next book series.

[S6E8] A Murder Is Forever

Alice Clark, a relationship therapist with an elite client list is murdered. Barret Hawk, a expensive fixer was at the scene and ransacked her car and her home searching for something.The investigation uncovers that Alice was in possession of a priceless manmade diamond. Esposito and Ryan are almost killed in a gun battle with men in clown masks as they try to get the diamond back to the precinctTurns out Alice and her boyfriend were trying to expose that manmade diamonds of such perfection exist in order to stop the blood diamond trade.Alice help steal the man made diamond from a client who could lose their fortune due to a contract with a diamond distributor if it came out that they made it. The wife ends up killing Alice to keep their secret.Kate asks Castle to move his huge lion photo from the bedroom as it she feels it glares at her. He explains he bought Linus the Lion with his first royalty check and it's part of his territory.In the end, Castle takes down Linus and puts up a collage of seashells in his place. Kate recognizes them as the shells they collected on their first walk on the beach together in the Hamptons. Castle tells her the loft is full of things that are about his story. They need to start to fill it with parts of their story.

Case Study #3: Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett. If you are going to throw hints of tension into a relationship, best to do it against the backdrop of a murdered relationship therapist for the rich and famous.

When a famed relationship therapist is murdered, it appears that her access to the secrets of her elite and powerful clients led to her death. But when Castle and Beckett discover the victim was in possession of a rare object worth millions of dollars, they realize that this case may be even more complicated - and dangerous - than they thought.

Titled "I Am Not Alone", Episode 8 saw Claire Fraser (played by Caitriona Balfe) falsely arrested by Richard Brown (Chris Larkin) and his men for the murder of Malva Christie (Jessica Reynolds) and her unborn child. But, despite one of the most nerve-racking episodes of Season 6, packed full of action and undeniable love between Jamie and Claire, audiences never found out Claire's fate or who actually killed Malva Christie.

The finale kicked off with a nice little throwback to a 1960s diner which becomes of huge importance later down the line. Flashing back to the present day, A.K.A Fraser's Ridge in the 1790s, Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) is facing off against Richard Brown and his men, who have arrived to arrest Claire for the murder of Malva Christie and her unborn baby.

And just like that Outlander Season 6 came to an end. Will Claire be tried for murder? What does Tom Christie want? And most importantly of all, who killed Malva Christie? These are all big questions that must be answered in the upcoming seventh season, especially the latter, we've waited long enough.

In this episode, the BAU travels to a small town in Texas to investigate child murders. The crew suspects a local hermit named Joseph Finnegan of being the unsub after narrowing the suspect pool. However, Finnegan had actually passed away from a heart attack while setting up a bear trap and his body was hidden by Jeffrey Charles (Cameron Monaghan), who broke into Finnegan's house and used it as a hideout while still making it seem as though Finnegan was still alive.

Jeffrey Charles, a twelve-year-old child with a sad childhood, is actually the unsub in this episode who murdered three children in cold blood. When a case involves children, it always gets worse, and when the unsub is a child, it becomes downright horrifying.

This episode tells the second chapter of the sadistic murderer, stalker, and kidnapper Frank Breitkopf's (Keith Carradine) tale. After killing Sarah Jacobs (Moira Squier), Gideon's (Mandy Patinkin) girlfriend, Breitkopf went on to murder other victims who had survived Gideon's earlier cases. To find and save Tracy Belle (Elle Fanning), who had been kidnapped by juvenile serial murderer Jeffrey Charles, Gideon, and the crew had to work against the time.

In order to look into a home invasion, burglary, and homeowner Mark Wilson's death, the crew travels to the little hamlet of Guymon, Oklahoma in this episode. The team must determine whether Dylan Wilson (Lincoln Sullivan), the Wilsons' seven-year-old son, who spoke before he was unable to speak as a result of the trauma, was telling the truth when he claimed that the murderer was wearing a clown costume.

In this episode, a number of young women are discovered dead after having been burned and disfigured. As the case develops, the BAU makes a disturbing connection to similar crimes that took place in the 1980s. The copycat serial killer was actually the original murderer's son, who believed it was his birthright to continue the evil legacy.

Meanwhile, in reality, Story Lord chases down the writer who created him, to see what he should do next, but he finds out his next mission is only to find motivation, which ends up being a machine that siphons motivation from the world. Rick and Morty arrive back to reality to stop him and tell the writer to murder his own character amid some struggle. Rick then lights the motivation-draining device on fire and things are back to normal.

The team re-opens the 1989 murder of a young Russian opera star, eighteen year old Nadia Koslov, who defected to the United States. She and her family sought asylum at the police station where Nick Vera was stationed when he joined the force.

Three days later, Walt visits the Schrader residence and shares a drink with Hank, who feels dejected from the prison murders. Hank reminisces about his first job in college, which involved walking around forests and tagging trees that were slated for logging. He wonders if that job was better than his current one, which he describes as "chasing monsters."

In short order a policeman played and voiced by George Lowe shows up at the door with several other officers and a police composite sketch of Frylock, demanding that Meatwad go get him so they can arrest him. But Meatwad unintentionally stalls by repeatedly asking the cop stupid questions and forgetting about Frylock, who is busy fusing Ray's severed body parts to himself in his room. Even the threat of a search warrant and charging Meatwad with harboring a fugitive doesn't improve his memory; he eventually inquires whether the spray can on George the cop's belt is deodorant and he gets a sarcastic answer and a face full of pepper spray for his trouble, which is when Frylock finally emerges from his room, completely transformed into a horribly disfigured, Frankenstein's monster version of Ray cobbled together from his destroyed body parts. An oversized cowboy hat covers Frylock's giant brain. Although George the cop notes that he looks like the guy whose murder they're investigating, he evidently is fooled and goes away.

Orson Hodge was Bree's second husband. Orson has met some basket cases in his time. His marriage to Bree was positively mundane compared to the baggage he accumulated before arriving on Wisteria Lane. But life in suburbia brought with it problems - having to lie to everyone about Bree's pregnancy and running Mike over was a welcome break - unlike the few years he spent in prison shortly after. Having served his time, Orson found it difficult to find a job due having his license revoked until his wife came to the rescue. Happy for a while but not for long, Orson developed a penchant for stealing, and a turbulent time of blackmail, assaults, fake robberies and affairs ensued for him and Bree. Then, of course, he was left paralyzed when a plane crashed on to the Lane. When the couple finally got a divorce, he continued to loiter in the background of Bree's life like a bad smell, allowing him to find out about the murder of Alejandro Perez, and with his resulting blackmail scheme, he becomes the main antagonist of Season 8.

love her and began an affair himself with Monique Pollier. When Alma found out, she decided to punish him by faking her own death. However, since there was no body and no evidence (a panicked Orson had cleaned everything up,) he never went to jail. Yet Alma's friend, Carolyn Bigsby, became his nemesis, accusing him of killing his wife. Free, he tried to begin a new life with Monique but found her dead, with his mother saying it was an accident when she had, in fact, killed Monique to punish Orson for cheating on Alma. He had to hide the body when Mike, whom Monique had called, came to do some plumbing. Gloria convinced a reluctant Orson to aid her in covering up the murder. Gloria and Orson go to a developing country club to bury Monique, when Orson sees his mother extracting her teeth to prevent dental identification. Orson, overcome with rage, pushes his mother into the ditch ultimately breaking her hip. He then puts her in a seniors village, determined to leave his tainted past behind him.

Two weeks after becoming engaged, Orson and Bree plan to get married. During the wedding ceremony, Bree interrupts the reverend for a while, and pulls the groom to the side. During the private talk with Orson, she asks him if he murdered his first wife. Orson promises her that he didn't and the wedding continues. While having their first dance as man and wife, during the reception, Orson expresses to Bree that he is hurt because he feels that she didn't trust him. Bree apologizes while they continue to dance. A detective later shows up at the reception, asking for Mrs. Van de Kamp, and if she and Orson would come down to a morgue because they think they found Orson's ex-wife, Alma. Bree corrects them saying her name is now, Bree Hodge. While at the morgue, Orson tells them it's not Alma. Carolyn shows up to confirm it since Orson was a suspect for the murder of his wife, Carolyn is shocked to see that it's not Alma. After Carolyn, Bree, and the detective leave, Orson tells the body "I miss you, Monique" in French. ("It Takes Two") 041b061a72


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