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Hills of Steel: Be the Boss - Unlock and Upgrade All Tanks and Special Abilities

There are different levels available in the game and each level becomes difficult as you progress in the game. Fight with the bosses and conquer the hills. It is completely free to play games. It has simple controls that let you enjoy the game.

hills of steel be the boss apk

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Hills of Steel is an awesome tank fighting game with lots of levels. Challenge yourself and indulge yourself in the battle of tanks. Clear your way to conquer the hills and become the best tank fighter in game. You can use military tanks with weapons so that you can destroy your enemies. Use different weapons and make your strategy for combat fighting. Select your tank and battle against your friends in the game.

Hill of Steel Apk will start by providing you a nicely designed and powerful tank which you will be taking on steep hills. Your tank will be loaded with lots of weapons and along with that you will also have lots of powers in you. You can use all these powers and weapons in destroying your enemies. You can also ask your friends to join you and you can also hold competitions with them. you can check what type of thanks your friends are having and can also keep an eye on the equipment and weapons that they are using so you can also improve in this way. You can upgrade your tank any time by using the skin available in the game.

In Hill of Steel Mod Apk, you will experience driving the tank and using your weapon and powers to kill and face the enemies on the steel hill. You can drive that rank and will get a real sensation of driving the tank and will enjoy this game by driving the tanks and killing the enemy. Driving tanks make the game more interesting and thrilling.

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In Hill of Steel Mod Apk, you can use weapons and other boosters to defeat and kill your enemies and opponents on the steel hill. You can use different weapons and can also upgrade your weapon by using and spending the money that you have collected by defeating and killing the animals and by finishing and winning the challenges and missions that are assigned to you. by upgrading your weapon you can defeat your enemy and kill your opponent in a very better way.

In Hill of Steel Mod Apk, you can also use drones and other weapons to kill the enemies and your opponents. By using these drones you can kill the enemies and opponents and you can also upgrade your drones and weapons by the inventory and can also spend the money to upgrade the weapons and drones to kill the enemies on steel hill.

Hills of steel is not an online game, it is an offline game. Hills of steel is the most adventurous and funniest game and free-to-play warfare game. Still, if we want to fight even deeper into hostile territory, additional options like in-app purchases are available for players.

By shooting the players and eliminating them, we can boost the vehicle, and sometimes, we have the mechanic kit for repairing the car. After stopping all the players, we have a boss player to destroy; before starting the game, there is an option like selecting the chance to improve the bullets or health like this. This game has many features: destroy the enemies, unlock opportunities, upgrade the vehicle, and have adventures like rolling out your tank and collecting war loot, events, rank up, leaderboard and clans. We can play this game online also. And also we can play weekly challenges events for prizes. As we complete, the levels in this game are Updated. By eliminating the enemies, we can claim coins or start at the end of the game. For every level and location, there are separate customers for every player, and when we play a game, the screen will display how many enemies we can destroy and level.

Hills of Steel brings great horizontal action game experience in 2D environment. The game is about the battle between tanks. Realistic physics simulation game. You engage in battles in the hills, and crush your enemies with steel. You collect loot from losers, and upgrade vehicles through customizations, and special weapons. Over time, you unlock new tanks, and choose the right fighting style. The game has a variety of content, so you will battle from one battlefield to another. You earn money, win tank battles and climb to high positions. You should try to do everything to become the greatest war marshal of the world. This is really the game for those who love to drive heavy armored vehicles, and continuous action.

Hills of Steel apk is a tank shooting game in which players can choose different tanks to fight. The terrain of the battle is different hills. Players need to aim at the enemy in front to shoot. Every character has blood and blood. When the amount is zero, it will die. You can use gold coins to upgrade your defense and attack power.

You can upgrade your tank as you head on to battle and fight plenty of bosses. You can also play 2v2 multiplayer games so you can rank up and become a general today! Enjoy the best tank fighting game now.

Hills of Steel mod apk for Android is a dynamic platform in the style of Hill Climb 2, developed by Mobile Zero by Round Zero. Driving a combat vehicle, you have to ride through dozens of levels, simultaneously destroying enemy equipment. Here you will meet tanks of various models from almost all over the world, take part in hot fights with bosses, and can create a unique means of large-scale destruction.

Hills of Steel MOD coins/stones - You love heavy equipment and can't live a day without your favorite games about tanks? Then download this game to your android and let your favorite games will always be with you! Physics, a wide variety of tanks in the game, good graphics - everything you need for a great battle. Eliminate all enemies, fight the boss and improve your tanks in the barn.

Adventure. Go through different levels and see how far you can go. The more you play, the harder each level becomes. In the adventure, you have to fight against ground and aircraft. Win a level by destroying the boss at the end. In an adventure, you can earn stars by destroying enemies. On the right side of the game board, your record for destroyed enemies in all adventures, as well as the number of enemies killed in this adventure, is displayed.

Boss fight. Fight only bosses and try to get as far as possible. The further you advance, the more difficult the bosses become. A huge number of coins are waiting for you as a reward. The boss drives out on a black armored tank. To defeat him, you must also shoot and hit him, just a little longer than a normal tank. There are many bosses, and they are different. Prepare to meet them, take a good position. The energy of the boss is displayed at the top of the playing field.

7. Use hills when attacking aircraft. Aircraft are very hard to hit when they attack you. To retaliate, you need to use high ground so that your tank shoots up. If there is no hill nearby, you are on a plain, look for it with characteristic movements back and forth and try not to fall under the fire of these devices.

Tank boosters. Amplifiers are necessary for successful combat in normal or emergency situations. Each type of tank has its own several amplifiers. All tank boosters are similar, but have a different name, similar to the name of the tank. Only one booster can be used in combat, and it can only be used once. In some locations, after defeating the boss, the booster is renewed and can be used again.

Steel. The main currency of the world is "steel". You can get steel for attacking other players, as well as for completing base tasks. Upgrade your base with steel. In this way, you will increase your defense and increase the rewards received from attacks. The steel you can collect has a limit, it is not infinite. You can increase its limit by upgrading the base.

Base assignments. Complete daily base tasks to earn more steel. You can only have one base job active at a time. Complete tasks at the base, to do this, click the Start button. At the end of the quest completion time, you will receive steel as a reward. Tasks are updated once a day.

Event rules. Be the boss and repel waves of enemies. You will receive one free game per day. The game ends when your tank is destroyed or the enemy has passed your barrier. The best players are rewarded at the end of the event.

Description : Hills of Steel 2 - Continuation of the exciting multiplayer action in the hilly locations. The sequel to the famous game gives users the opportunity to redirect the war machines to 3v3 in PvP. The player will be a dozen tanks with different designs and skills. When a player chooses one of them, he goes into play, where together with his allies he can fend off the enemies. The most successful participants have the opportunity to win prizes and make a name for themselves in the global ranking. Features : * Climb the hills with your allies and destroy enemies! * 6 PvP game modes: Team Survival, Bunker Bash, Star Catch, Boss Battle, Domination, and Rampage! * 10 tanks to fight! * Play your country to the top in the global leaderboard! * Enjoy free rewards in the shop every day! * Beautiful 3D graphics!

In Exploration mode, you must shoot down all enemies in front of you and destroy powerful final bosses. You won't be limited in time in this mode, and you can even revive a destroyed tank with just a few gems.

Classic mode is relatively similar to adventure mode. You destroy the final boss as well as many of the AI's vehicles. However, this mode's difficulty and rewards will increase over time, so try to get as high a score as you can. In particular, in the "boss only" mode, you only need to fight a series of final bosses rather than a variety of enemies.

Hills of Steel is an online multiplayer game in which players can fight with other players online. This game also allows you to play against bosses and upgrade your tank and weapons for better gameplay. The Hills of Steel Mod Apk is an exciting game on Android devices, which provides a lot of fun for users who like shooting games or action games. The player can play this game on his Android device, but he needs to install it on his phone before playing it. The Hills of Steel Apk is a fun game that can be played on smartphones, laptops, and other devices. The player needs to download the game from Google Play Store and install it on his device before playing it.


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