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Learn the Theory and Practice of Electric Drives with Fundamentals of Electric Drives by Gk Dubey

In addition to the factors that have an impact on the power rating, the application where the electric drives will be used also influences which rating is appropriate. 1

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Fundamentals of Electrical Drives by Gk Dubey is a choose your own adventure book that uses choices and outcomes to lead readers through a brief overview of electrical drives, illustrating the fundamentals of electrical drives in a novel storytelling method. It includes conceptual load flow diagrams and straightforward explanations of basic electric drive components such as induction and capacitance motor loads, DC-direct-current voltage sources, DC-direct-current current sources, frequency changers, power switching circuits, inverters, and energy recovery systems. The book also includes multiple electrical drive applications such as compressors, fans, winches, hoists, and conveyors, crushers, and augers. Each chapter includes a multiple choice and exam answer questions, plus a graphics and numbers summary, photo gallery of the important components, practice problems, and sections of definitions, concepts, and terminology. You can access the book online here for free! Click on the download button to get a PDF copy.

An electric drive is an electromechanical system that employs an electric motor as the prime mover instead of a diesel engine, steam or gas turbines, hydraulics, etc. to control the motion and processes of different machines and mechanisms. 1 Typical applications of electric drives include fans, ventilators, compressor pumps, hoists, cranes, conveyors, excavators, escalators, electric locomotives and cars. 2


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