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Unformat Serial Number

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Unformat Serial Number

Tip: You can often tell that a number or date is incorrectly formatted as text because it is aligned to the left. The default alignment for text is left and numbers and dates are aligned right.

Hi, On my excel spreadsheet, I have 2 different columns that are dates formatted X/XX/XXXX. I have used this same spreadsheet for my data for several years now. I opened it this morning and My columns are all in a text format. Instead of the date they all show numbers such as 42572. I have tried re-formatting back to the date but it will not let me. How can I get it to show the date

As you probably know, a numbers like 42572 is the date serial number. But even if the data in the cell is text, changing the format to short date or long date should convert it to a date e.g. 42572 is 21/07/2016

Hi Kamil,You have to use the ISNUMBER() function to determine if that date is a real numeric date, or is a simple text string that looks like a date. Keep in mind that Excel date system is numeric, but you can format that number to be displayed in many different ways. If a cell contains a text string, excel will return an error. In this case, use DATEVALUE function to convert the text string to a numeric date.Cheers,Catalin

Thanks, Leonid, but your formula still returns a text string, which cannot be used in a formula or PivotTable. The aim of this tutorial was to convert the date text string to a number format in Excel.

The General format is the default number format that Excel applies when you type a number. For the most part, numbers that are formatted with the General format are displayed just the way that you type them. However, if the cell is not wide enough to show the entire number, the General format rounds numbers that have decimals. The General number format also uses scientific (exponential) notation for large numbers (12 or more digits).

For serials, field 362 contains beginning and/or ending alphabetic, numeric, and/or chronological designations of the issues or parts. Chronological designations used in this field are dates that identify individual issues of a serial. In general, publication dates are input in field 260 or field 264. Do not use field 362 for incomplete serial dates. Record uncertain dates/numbers in an unformatted note followed by a question mark.

For integrating resources, field 362 contains beginning and/or ending publication dates when the first or last iteration of the resource is not available. Record publication dates in field 260 or field 264 when the first or last iteration is available. For integrating resources, use field 362 for incomplete dates and only as an unformatted note.

Repeat field 362 only when one of the fields has a 1st indicator value of 0 and the other has a 1st indicator value of 1. When both beginning and ending designations are formatted, or both are unformatted, record them in a single 362 field.

Unformatted note. The date is given in an unformatted note style. Unformatted date information is displayed as a note. Use when the first and/or last piece is not in hand, but the information is known from other pieces or sources.

The sequential designation and/or dates of publication. The sequential designation may consist of edition number, issue number, volume number, series of volume numbers, or other sequential designations according to the usage of the publisher.

Cataloging instructions prescribe four spaces after the hyphen of an open numbering scheme. However, the system displays only one space at the end of a subfield. Therefore, enter only one space after a hyphen that is the final character of subfield ǂa.

If the serial has more than one system of designation, enter all the systems in a single subfield ǂa. Enter space, equal sign, space before an alternative numbering. If the serial is incomplete, enter three spaces after a hyphen that is followed by other data.

If your worksheet has dates that were perhaps imported or pasted that end up looking like a seri


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