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The Estill Voice Model: Theory and Translation - The Science and Art of Vocal Performance

this is the first time in our analysis that a clear vocal type classification can be drawn, and that classification is the quotidian voice. in contrast to the quotidian voice, the quotidian voice is a voice that is not extremely produced, characterized by low volume and transparency, a voice that does not need to be filtered, or that has a very small amount of filtering and eq. this voice is often found in conversation, when an individual is talking to another individual but is not worried about it sounding like they are trying to impress another individual with their voice, or is not trying to sound authoritative. when this type of voice is strained, we can hear a nasal quality that comes from either not relaxing the vocal folds enough, or from constriction in the throat.

[PDF] The Estill Voice Model: Theory And Translation.epub

tesfaye can also be considered a quotidian voice because he does not use the quotidian voice to convey a particular emotion. the quotidian voice is not associated with a particular emotion, and instead is used to communicate and express regular day-to-day life. tesfaye is not trying to communicate that he is troubled by the las vegas lights, or that he is in a car at night. instead, he is just a human being who wants to relax in the midst of a city that never sleeps. although he does not seem to be bothered by this, he is instead trying to find a balance between personal and professional life. he is trying to relax, and he knows how to do so, having chosen a comfortable environment to be in, and he does not need to impress anyone with his voice. these are the types of elements that are being represented in tesfayes voice in blinding lights, and the voice is being filtered to fit the style of the track. instead of being strained, the voice in blinding lights is extremely comfortable, and has none of the roughness of a quotidian voice, instead being a clean voice that would be appropriate to a professional, yet casual, environment.


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