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Analyze Piss [UPDATED]

In an episode that sees the return of Doctor Wong (Susan Sarandon), Mr. Numbus (Dan Harmon), and a number of new D-list villains causing havoc, Rick (Justin Roiland) attempts to stop engaging them leading to Jerry (Chris Parnell) stepping up to becoming a hero. Putting characters in unfamiliar places, there's a lot going on in "Analyze Piss" where Jerry gets to prove himself and Rick discovers there isn't much happening in his life without the constant interruptions from characters like Nimbus, Cookie Magneto, or Piss Master (Will Forte). A Rick and Morty take on a hero story, "Analyze Piss" (despite its piss jokes) allows the cerebral Rick to follow his heart for a change and do some good.

Analyze Piss



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