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Iphone 8 China Buy ((FULL))

my way of testing iphone 7 screens (mine all use the original apple lcd and touchscreen) is to attach the screen only , no front camera or home button. It will appear to boot loop but it takes 4 mins 10 seconds to get eventually to home screen . During some of this time i use it to check for any visual defects on LCD.

iphone 8 china buy


Perhaps the seller is right some iphone 8s are experiencing issues with having their screens replaced this is occurring after an IOS update where the screen must have a series of numbers that are on the original screen copied over to the new screen EPROM tools do this... Mobile centrix has one for like $45 and is as simple as plugging the eprom into a lightening cable, then plug the old screen in hit copy... then unplug the old and plug in the new and hit paste. this should fix the issue of screens not working. Note that since the ios update above this should be done to all iPhone 7 and greater models

i can boot my iphone 8 plus screen on my iphone 7 plus with no issues, touch works great, no lag, no boot loop. but the screen is physically different. the phones also share call speaker and front camera assembly, allthough not sure the proximity sensor etc are the same internals but they plug up to the iphone 7 and 8 and you can take them from a 7 screen and transfer all parts o 8 physically 041b061a72


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