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Buy Poster Board In Bulk

ArtSkills 22 in. x 28 in. Green Poster Boards are a great starting point for your projects. Each poster board has a smooth surface that is perfect for paint, glue, stickers, and other decorations. This display board is great for presentations, school projects, science fair projects, office presentations, arts and crafts, signs and more!

buy poster board in bulk

These poster boards come in a green color to match your arts and crafts project, posters, signs or school projects. Colored poster boards save you time because you won't have to color or paint the entire board yourself. Easily add your own colors on top with acrylic paints, markers and more!

Rigid foam insulation board is an innovative building and construction material that can significantly reduce a building's energy use and help control indoor temperature. Shop our selection of Rigid Insulation Browse Below and feel free to contact a member of our team on 786 224 0029 or via Live Chat. Read Our Guide to know more about insulation rigid foam.

When using foam board insulation in residential and commercial properties the most common boards used would be Polyiso (polyisocyanurate), EPS or XPS. Each type of board insulation is very different and carry different R-values and compressive strength. So let's have a deeper look at rigid foam.

Polyiso is short for Polyisocyanurate and can also be called PIR for an even shorter version. Polyiso would be one of the best-performing foam board on the market today giving the highest R-values for the least thickness.

Polystyrene board insulation would be one of the least efficient rigid board insulations today. However, all is not lost as EPS has a high compressive strength and is great for carparks or floors that are carrying a little more weight than usual. Also, EPS insulation would be widely used in passive housing for the foundations. Insulating the foundations is vital to achieve a passive house rating and EPS is an excellent cost-effective method of insulating your foundations and the good characteristics of strength, light and cheap makes EPS your best friend when insulating your foundations.

Expanded polystyrene board is easy to cut with a box knife or hand saw. EPS insulation does not have a foil attached to it so no need to score the insulation first before cutting it with a handsaw. Be careful however around any naked flames. Fire and EPS get on very well and EPS will burn and will billow out black smoke so if it does go up in flames stay away. Do not breathe in the black smoke. If you take all the usual precautions when using EPS it will perform extremely well and will continue to do so with no depletion in performance over the duration of the life cycle of the building. Other insulations cannot boast such amazing lifetime performance.

Much like EPS in its appearance XPS is the big daddy of EPS. A foam board insulation such as Pink insulation foam FOAMULAR 250 XPS is stronger, just as light and far exceeds the compressive strength of its EPS counterpart. XPS foam also gives a higher r-value but of course, with all these fantastic additions to the insulation, there is a price difference. XPS would be in the region of 20-30% more expensive than EPS. However, XPS would be more widely used in the commercial/industrial insulation sector where compressive strength is a real requirement. Once again XPS like the other rigid board insulations is easy to cut and lightweight. XPS and EPS are closed-cell insulation and will not lose their insulation values over time, unlike Polyiso insulation which will deplete over circa 30 year period.

Matzah Card-Board (Oak-tag). Good Quality. Size: 19" X 27" Great for bulletin board backgrounds. This heavy poster-board offers endless opportunities as backgrounds for arts and crafts projects and displays.

Bulk posters are essential for any business. Wherever you go, custom posters are everywhere and used for a wide variety of purposes. From product promotions to ad campaigns, important announcements to wall décor, poster printing gets your message and business noticed.

Bulk poster printing is not only more affordable compared to other forms of promotion, it is also easy to implement and offers continuous exposure without paying monthly ad placements. Turn any wall or window into an opportunity with custom posters.

At PrintRunner, you can order bulk posters and have them ready for shipping in just a few business days. Customize your posters by choosing from a wide range of size options and premium materials. No matter how many pieces we print, we guarantee high-quality printing every time.

Hartman Hartboard is a division of Inteplast Group in Lolita, TX. The Inteplast Group is the largest manufacturer of integrated plastics in North America and has the finest equipment available in the world. We are privilege to carry this high quality brand in our inventory.

This premium paper face foam board has the highest standards for functionality and performance. Consisting of 3 layers, inner layer of polystyrene foam clad and outer facing of clay coated paper makes it easy to use and lightweight. Wide ranges of applications includes: framing, digital printing, screen printing, interior signage, mounting, POP exhibit, embossing, and many more.

Expanded PVC foam board is a lightweight, rigid PVC sheet that is used for a variety of applications including signs and displays, exhibit booths, photo mounting, interior design, thermoforming, prototypes, model making, and much more. It can be easily sawed, stamped, punched, die -cut, sanded, drilled, screwed, nailed, riveted or bonded using PVC adhesives. Expanded PVC foam sheets and panels offer excellent impact resistance, very low water absorption and high corrosion resistance. It is suitable for printing, especially screen printing. We carry expanded PVC sheets and panels from Sintra, Kommerling Komatex, Vycom Celtec and Palram Palight. Contact us if you have specific brand requirements.

You can buy foam boards on Amazon or at a local drugstore. Keep in mind, this is just a white card, so you might be able to simply balance a sheet of white printer paper or use a piece of poster board.

There are a lot of ways to do this, but the ultimate goal is to have your mat board sweep from being flat on your table to being vertical. You may need to roll up the board to help it reach that shape.

We offer All-Weather Posters & Signs to promote an event, company, service, or campaign message. We print these items on weather-resistant poster board, which is similar to a fiber milk carton. These products can handle moisture without breaking down for a short-term outdoor product. Frames are sold separately. When designing a poster or sign, keep letter size and visibility in mind. Viewers may only have seconds to read the sign. Make sure the key information stands out and is easy to read. Choose from several styles of high-quality outdoor posters or folded paper yard signs that will exceed your expectations. You can rely on us when you need poly coated cardboard posters and lawn signs, or any type of signs, printed for a variety of outdoor purposes.

Perfect for all your interior decorating needs! These durable and lightweight foam boards have a long life span and can be easily mounted with metal hangers, hooks, or command strips. Whether you are displaying them as part of an exhibit or using them to provide information at various events, these sturdy boards fit into just about any indoor setting.

How do I print my mounted posters?Use the order calculator on this product page to select your preferred poster size, quantity, and printing turnaround time. Printing turnaround time refers to the time it takes for us to print and have your posters ready for shipping. This does not cover holidays, weekends, and shipping transit time. After you have selected your poster specifications, the order calculator will generate the estimated price of your order. If you are satisfied with the order information, proceed with uploading your design to the website.

Foam core board is a versatile, affordable and useful material you have almost certainly seen or worked with at some point. Ideal for school projects, home decorations, framing photographs, and a number of signage options, foam poster board is easy to work with. Foam board signs are highly cost-effective and can be reused. But what is foam board, and how can you make use of it? Read on!

The resulting foam core board is lightweight, sturdy, and easy to shape. It can be cut cleanly using a sharp utility knife or craft scissors. A picture framing mat-cutter can also be used to cut custom foam board signs into any shape you can imagine. Foam board poster material is widely used in picture-framing as an excellent backing for photographs and prints. Acid-free alpha-cellulose clad boards are one of the best foam boards for picture frames. They last longer and do not leach acids into the artwork.

Teachers frequently use colorful foam core board to create custom classroom displays. Architects and architectural students build demonstration models of their designs using foam board, which can stand stiffly upright when supported by a single edge.

The uses of foam board are legion. Trade show displays, lecture visual aids, in-store advertising, presentation demonstrations, architectural model buildings, and model structures of all kinds can all be crafted from foam board. Many businesses make extensive use of foam board signs for events and in-store displays for their customers.

Foam core board is used widely for creating scale models. The material can be cut like paper, yet supports its own weight like cardboard. The smooth surface is ideal for printing or illustrating. The lightweight material can be cut to size and shape for a school project or marketing display.

If your business displays products in the window, you have a need for foam board signs and material. Foam core board stars, hearts, moons, and other custom shapes catch the eye to advertise sales, demos, and new product launches. 041b061a72


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