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Vso ConvertXtoDVD v4.1.19.365 Final Serials: The Best Software for Converting and Burning Videos to DVD Format

take you mobo out, and insert the hard drive in another machine and see if the same thing happens. i'm pretty sure it's the hard drive at fault. you could of just purchased a new one if that's the case, because those things run like crazy. i know i've seen more than a few people return a mobo with a bad hard drive cause it performed so incredibly slow in the first place.

Vso ConvertXtodvd v4.1.19.365 Final Serials full version

and yes, i would take out and clean the ram of any computer. even if it does work, it would help. the problems with ram is that people over use it, and aint updating the ram can cause it to not perform properly.

vso convertxtodvd works great. i didn't get bsod, except for one instance when i ran it on the pc without the dvd drive inserted for some reason. the result was that the dvd would open in a semi-blank state and then a message box would pop up saying 'no dvd in drive. run program again'. this is a problem when the dvd turns into a test dvd and you are following a tutorial and you can't get to the steps where you are supposed to put the dvd in the drive. i solved this by changing the 'wait' to '4h' as on the title screen in the 'burn mode'.

when i insert it in the player, it says that it cannot open the dvd. i also tried it on another player and it also does not recognize it. the only way i can get it to work is by going to the menu and then pressing '2' on the remote to open the disc.

the other issue i get is that the drive is looking for the burn/data dvd instead of the video dvd that is burned. when i go to the menu and press "1" to eject the burn/data dvd, the machine reboots and i get a message "no disk in drive" rather than a message that it is a burn/data dvd. i tried re-burning with convertxtodvd and the same thing happened. vso did the same thing. no burn/data dvd. i'm confused by this. i'm running windows xp.


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