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CncezproFullVersion PORTABLE

flat to color space conversion - convert flat to color space, including adobe rgb and cmyk. use the reference tones panel to map between any color space. move, apply and edit color with the color picker. the preview and colormunki panels allow you to preview and measure color.


you can import and export to many formats, including prores 4444, which is a native davinci resolve format, prores 422, apple intermediate codec (aac) and apple prores h.264. davinci resolve studio offers 60fps editing capabilities. this means that more details are captured and more data can be displayed in real time. you can also animate and manipulate every frame using the traditional edl clip editing tool or the blueprint panel. editing is like editing the real time and editing is easy when using davinci resolve!

so to sum it up, davinci resolve is the worlds best tool for professional visual effects and post-production. it provides one of the worlds best color grading tools and has a stunning editing tool in its studio app. its insanely easy to use even for beginners!

get the best quality at any resolution thanks to davinci resolve. you can edit upto 60fps thanks to the built-in editor. or use a combination of editing and grading to create professional results. create professional visual effects, graphics, and titles with davinci resolve. you can create products from scratch, import 3d models and scenes, and add lighting effects. davinci resolve is incredibly affordable with over 30 additional powerful effects and a full range of color correction tools and compression that is free to use!


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