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Patrician IV: A Historical Trading Simulation and Strategy Game

Patrician IV: A Historical Trading Simulation and Strategy Game

If you are a fan of historical trading simulation and strategy games, you might want to check out Patrician IV, the sequel to the popular series that lets you become a powerful merchant in northern Europe in the late Middle Ages. In this game, you will have to rise through the ranks of the Hanseatic League, a commercial and defensive confederation of merchant guilds and market towns that dominated trade along the coast of Northern Europe.

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Patrician IV is a complete strategic simulation that challenges you to balance competing interests, trade routes, political turmoil, disease, weather, piracy and greedy royalty. You will start with common goods, build up your own production and establish a merchant fleet. Later on, you will gain more and more political influence and even found new towns. However, you will also have to face fierce rivals, whom you have to fight with economic competition, price wars or impure means such as sabotage. Will you even engage in piracy?

The game features a realistic economic system that simulates supply and demand, as well as complex trade dynamics. You will have to carefully plan your trade routes, taking into account the seasons, weather, production cycles and market prices. You will also have to manage your finances, taxes, loans and investments. You can choose from different difficulty levels and scenarios, or create your own custom game with various options.

Patrician IV also offers a multiplayer mode where you can compete or cooperate with other players online. You can join or create a game session with up to eight players, and trade, chat or fight with them. You can also share your achievements and statistics with other players through the online leaderboards.

The game has been updated to version 1.3, which includes several bug fixes and improvements. Some of the changes are:

  • Improved performance and stability

  • Fixed issues with trade routes and production

  • Fixed issues with pirates and convoys

  • Fixed issues with diplomacy and reputation

  • Fixed issues with achievements and statistics

  • Added support for Steam Cloud

If you are interested in Patrician IV, you can find it on Steam for $14.99. You can also get the Steam Special Edition that contains alternate textures for the Counting House and Cog ship type. Additionally, you can get the Rise of a Dynasty expansion pack that adds new scenarios, regions, goods, buildings and more.

Patrician IV is a game that will appeal to fans of historical trading simulation and strategy games. It offers a realistic and challenging gameplay experience that will test your skills as a merchant in the late Middle Ages. If you want to try it out, you can download the demo version from the official website.

Patrician IV is a game that requires a lot of strategy and planning. You will have to decide what goods to produce, buy and sell, where to trade, how to transport them, and how to deal with various events and situations. You will also have to manage your reputation and relations with other towns, merchants, pirates and nobles. You will have to pay attention to the political and economic situation of the region, as well as the historical events that will affect the game world.

The game has a rich and detailed historical setting that recreates the atmosphere and culture of the late Middle Ages. You will be able to visit and trade in over 40 towns along the coast of Northern Europe, each with its own characteristics and features. You will also be able to explore the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, as well as some inland rivers and lakes. You will encounter various historical figures and factions, such as the Teutonic Order, the Hanseatic League, the pirates of the Baltic Sea, and the kings of England, France and Denmark.

The game has a high level of replayability and customization. You can choose from different starting scenarios that will affect your initial conditions and goals. You can also adjust various settings and options that will change the difficulty and complexity of the game. You can play the game at your own pace and style, whether you prefer to focus on trade, production, politics or warfare. You can also create your own scenarios and maps with the editor tool. 0efd9a6b88


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